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One of Racine’s strongest advantages is our unique location in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor, which provides easy access for delivering products to U.S. and global markets.
The transportation network of four major highways, two major interstates, Amtrak passenger rail to Chicago and three international airports.

Shorter commute times and connections to the larger metropolitan areas for business and personal travel.

Wisconsin Highways

Wisconsin is committed to maintaining a reliable, efficient and connected highway infrastructure. From inclement weather and hazardous freight to oversize and overweight loads, Wisconsin is well equipped to keep freight moving on our high-performing roadways.


2011 to 2019, Wisconsin spent nearly $7 billion to maintain and improve the infrastructure of our roadways.

Wisconsin RailroadsWisconsin railroads give companies fast and flexible access to and from Racine County. Our rail lines provide trucking and marine shipping services that carry freight—from raw materials to component parts to finished goods—throughout North America and the world. In addition to freight trains, Amtrak railroad service provides direct access to and from Chicago and Milwaukee.


From 2010-2014, the state and its local counterparts invested more than $132 million in our railroad infrastructure.

Wisconsin airportsRacine has an access network to personal travel, business, freight and recreation airports. Wisconsin’s eight commercial airports support regularly scheduled year-round commercial airline service and the full range of general aviation activity to domestic and international destinations. The state’s hub for domestic and international transport, Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport, is 25 miles away. Additional flight options are available at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport which is just 65 miles south of Racine.


$114 million in state and federal dollars were spent on airport improvement projects around the state between 2014-2019.

Wisconsin PortsWater transportation is still the most efficient method for moving bulk commodities. With access to commercial cargo ports in Chicago and Milwaukee as well as six additional ports throughout the state, Racine has direct access to international waterways.


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation invested $52 million in our waterway infrastructure from 2010 to 2015 through the state’s Harbor Assistance Program.

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